Grow, Evolve

& Get up !

You are targeting large-scale
growth without denying your DNA?
PopCorn Partners helps you to
evolve to your natural

« Keep your vision, and
welcome opportunities ! »



PopCorn Partners helps you to define the best strategy for successful growth. PopCorn Partners helps your management teams to make the right choices, to define the best goals in line with your biggest ambitions.

« This is what you need to enable your scaleup to succeed. »

…to the next step.

PopCorn Partners supports you in all
areas of your company and offers
you a personal training, mentoring
and support.

« Are you ready to raise the next step ? »

You !


You Have invested in companies that you want to see grow.

PopCorn Partners works with your portfolio managers to identify the best strategy for profitable growth, to support the development, and create the best conditions for success!


As a startup, your transformation into scale-up introduces a deep change of strategy, goals and scale. PopCorn Partners supports you, not only to facilitate your change, but also to ensure that your DNA and values are respected.